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Haggadah-The Maror of Patience-Breslov

I Share the following teachings of the Holy Breslaver on patience with pain and suffering to use as Kavanot while eating Maror-the Bitter Herbs of the Pesach Seder: 1. A man should believe that everything which opens to him during his lifetime is decreed by God for his benefit in the World of Eternity.

2. Bitter medicines heal not only a man’s body but also a man’s soul. Often times, however, a physicians seeking to heal the sick body is compelled to abandon all hope, and to confess that no medicines will help. This does not apply to the healing of the soul. God never sends more pain or tribulation to a man than he is able to bear. If he bears his trials with patients, his soul will be cured, whatever the offenses which may have stricken with illness.

  • 3. Be not discouraged by any tribulations which may assail you. The recognition that they are for the good of your soul will aid you to endure them.
  • 4. If a man harms you, be patient with him. Endeavor to believe that he may not have intended to injure you. Through patients you may gain his love and also attain peace.
  • 5. God inflicts pain upon us to remind us to improve our conduct and to cleanse our soul of any impurities of sin.
  • 6. Remember that man is born into affliction (Job 5:7). Every man on earth must encounter tribulations and pain. If he takes refuge from them in God, he will be comforted.
  • 7. Man is born, not to enjoy the world and its pleasures, but to labor for his Eternal Life. Tribulation is one of the tools intended for this purpose. (Likkutei Eitzot HaShalem, page 72)

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