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Haggadah-Relationship Between Rushed Matzah and Maror

If you saw everyone around you dying, the world being turned upside down, even if you weren’t affected, and all that was protecting you was some blood on your door, would you feel vulnerable? Even though your enemies are being punished, even though you are safe, this new Master of yours has the ability to reverse reality. At least when Pharoah was in charge the trains ran on time.


(Pesach) How many of us wait so long for everything to be right only to lose many opportunities? We were forced to leave before everything was right. We had nothing to eat. We weren’t prepared for a long journey. Sometimes you have to rush at an opportunity. (Matzah) Bitterness can destroy us. Things not being right is livable, see Pesach and matzah. Bitterness is unbearable.

If we don’t live with the lessons of the Pesach and Matzah our lives will be embittered.(Maror)

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