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Haggadah-Not An Angel

We read, “And there wrestled a man with Jacob until the breaking of the day (Genesis 32:25).” Rashi comments, “It was the Protecting Angel of Esau.” We also read, “A certain man found Joseph wandering in the field (Genesis 37:15).” On this text Rashi comments, “It was the Angel Gabriel.”


What led Rashi, we may ask, to make these two differing comments?

The answer doubtless is this; the first angel found time to wrestle with Jacob the entire night, but when he was asked to bless his adversary, he pleaded lack of time. Only the Protecting Angel of Esau would act in this fashion.

The second angel, however, found the time necessary to help the wandering youth, Joseph. This could only have been the Angel Gabriel. (Tzanzer Chassidut, page 244)

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