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Haggadah-Nirtzah-Our Hands Are Full

Rabbi Baruch Leipniker’s sister-in-law told the following parable: “A cattle dealer was accustomed to sell the meat of his cattle to a butcher and to place the hides in his garret which he used as a storeroom. Once he became short of the cash he required to buy cattle. He had forgotten his store of hides and wondered that the cash at his disposal was so small an amount. He then remembered the hides he had hidden away, and, by disposing of them, secured the money he required.


So it is with many people. With their last hour of life is at hand, they think, “What Mitzvot do I bring with me?” Later, however, they recollect various generous and pious deeds they have performed. Thus they gained the confidence that they will not enter the Future World with empty hands (Ohel Baruch).

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