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The Foundation Stone Haggadah: Maggid 1

I’d like to read you a Zohar about Magid. “After the mitzva of Matza, God gave the Jews the mitzva of praising God for the Exodus, which is the obligation of anyone who is the son of a woman to speak these praises forever. We have established that any person who involves himself in the story of the Exodus, and is happy in the telling of the story, he will be happy in the world to come, which is the greatest happiness of all. Because when a person is happy with his Master, with God, God is happy.” In other words, by telling the story of the Exodus with joy, we make God happy. This is amazing.

The Zohar continues, “At that moment, God is happy because God sees that we are telling the story with happiness, and God gathers together all the angels in the Heavens.” In other words, God is telling the angels, “Oh, and listen to them tell the story of my praises! My children are spending the whole night, and they are happy.” So all the angels come and gather together with the Jews and they listen to the story of the praises with everybody being happy. The angels come to God and say, “Wow! You did a good job!” And the Zohar says, “…and all the angels of Heaven come and thank His holy nation who makes God happy.”

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