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Haggadah: Karpas Three: The Ishbitzer Continued

Transcribed and Prepared by Anna Beller: The Ishbitzer says this is really what a person has, a person has the capacity to achieve for many ways for learning wisdom, that he can begin to appreciate and absorb the light of God even more.


However it’s important you understand that you don’t reach for too much before you’re ready, because if you reach for too much with something you’re not ready for you cant make it your own. If it’s beyond you entirely you can’t make it your won. Because it’ll be totally dependent to God giving it to you. Because you can’t relate to it and it won’t last. You have to make your goals achievable.

So therefore he says like this, the chachamim advise us not to reach for more than what were capable to reaching at any point. Even at a place where a person can’t do it on his won, he asks for help, and recognizes he can no longer to do it on his own, he asks God for something, he reached that point. It says that at any place a person can reach, even a place a person can reach the service of God, God won’t open His light at one time but slowly he’ll expose more and more so that at the stages he is able to acquire.

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