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The Foundation Stone Haggadah: Kadesh 5

This is the first step in the Seder. We remember that what God wants us to do is to take those things which are innate, not only as a Jew, but also as a human being, and learn how to use them. Therefore, every one of us is going to have a different perspective as we go through the Haggadah. I have to relate to it as me. The idea of the Seder is that I have to take those things that are inside of me, and use them in my own particular way. This is one of the explanations of why we are supposed to sit together and tell over the story of the Exodus from Egypt. By everyone sharing, everyone has an entirely different experience of how they feel on Pesach. Of course, there are some who are bored, but that’s not the case at a Weinberg Seder.

There is one who loves the Matza, and one who loves the horseradish. This one loves to lean, and this one loves to spill wine of the tablecloth and not be yelled at. This one loves to talk as much as he can, and this one loves to argue. We all experience the Seder differently. In Kadesh, God is saying, “My job is to nurture that which is inside each and every one of you. Use the Seder, and see if you can use it in your own way.”

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