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The Baal Shem Tov once stood at the door of a synagogue and said that he could not enter because it was crowded. “But the place is empty,” exclaimed his disciples.


“No, it is full of all the prayers that have been recited without proper concentration and intention,” he replied.

“Only prayers recited in the love and fear of God are capable of rising to heaven.”

We refer to God throughout the Haggadah as HaMakom, the Omnipresent. Perhaps we should make an effort to “make room for God,” rather than crowd this space with prayers and speech recited without proper concentration and intention.

iPray-iAttach-Amidah-Avodah-“Be favorable, God, our Lord, toward Your people Israel, turn to their prayer and restore this service to the Holy of Holies of Your Temple.” We can transform the place in which we pray into the Holy of Holies by keeping the air clear, with all our prayers soaring to heaven because they were recited with love and fear of God.

iRejoice-Festival Prayers: “Our Lord, and the Lord of our ancestors, O merciful King, have mercy on us; let Yourself be sought out by us; return to us in Your yearning mercy. Rebuild Your House as it was at first.” We seek out God with prayers inspired by love for Him, allowing Him to rebuild His place.

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