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Haggadah-Hallel HaGadol & The Four Cups of Wine

1. In our lowliness, he remembered us… 2. and redeemed from our oppressors¬†3. He gives food to all flesh…4.Praise G-d of the heavens! These last four phrases of “Hallel HaGadol” can be seen as paralleling the Four Cups we drink tonight.


Over the first cup we make kiddush and declare, “You chose us from all the nations.” Why did God choose us? The Sages explain that Hashem chose the Jewish people because of their humility. “In our lowliness” — in our humility, “He remembered us” and chose us.

The second cup goes together with the Haggadah, where we tell how Hashem “redeemed us from our oppressors.”

Birchat Hamazon, where we recognize that “He gives food to all flesh” is said over the third cup. And with the fourth cup we sing Hallel…”Praise Hashem of the heavens!”

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