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Haggadah-Breaking The Middle Matzah

A father instructed his son to bring in some kindling wood for the stove. The child found the bundle of logs too heavy. “Break up the bundle and then you can carry it in,” advised the father.


From this we learn that sometimes we find it too difficult to lift up our hearts to God. He then instructs us, “Break up your heavy heart through prayer and repentance and you will be able to carry your heart up to Me.” (The Holy Breslaver-Hishtapchut haNefesh, page 23a)

We break the Middle Matzah as if to say, “We are breaking up our heavy hearts through repentance so that we will be able to carry our hearts up to You through the individual steps of the Seder.”

iPray-iAttach-Pesach-Repentance: “Grant us the ability to break up our heavy hearts into manageable pieces so that we may lift them up to You.”

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