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Haggadah-Blessing Over A Dead Horse

The 8th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordechai of Neshchiz: The Neschizer was a merchant before he attained a leadership role. Then it was his custom from time to time to set aside some money in order to buy a beautiful Etrog for Succot. Once he journeyed to Brody to buy his Etrog. There he met a coachman, who stood by the side of his fallen horse, and wept. The Rabbi did not deliberate long. He gave to the man the money which he had set aside for the purchase of the Etrog, in order that he might buy another horse, and he took his departure in a cheerful mood. When he came home, he was asked regarding the Etrog.


“The whole world,” he said, “may recite the blessing over the Etrog, but I only have the privilege to recite it over a horse!”

Which blessing was higher; the Etrog or the horse?

“And numerous,” as it is written, “I made you as populous as the plants of the field; you grew up and wore choice adornments; your breasts were firm and your hair grew long; yet, you were bare and naked.” We were the “dead horse” in the above story, when God  “made a blessing over us,” and lifted us to Him.

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