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Countdown to Pesach 21: The Bread of Affliction

The Egyptians enriched themselves by oppressing others. They grew fat on the work and suffering of an enslaved nation. Chametz – Leavened Bread – represents those who enrich themselves at the expense of others. Matzah is the food of those who suffered, and those who work for others. We open Maggid – The Telling of the Story – by declaring that we are prepared to share all we have with those who have less. We are the opposite of the Egyptians. We are willing to “work” for others, who are less fortunate than we.


The declaration is meaningless if recited out of context. We are sitting inside our comfortable homes where no one can hears our offer of hospitality. It is essential that Ha Lachma Anya be an expression of the Chesed we do all year. (Machberes Avodas Hashem)

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