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Haftarah Nasso: Reading the Text VII

“And the woman hurried and ran and told her husband. And she said to him, Behold, the man has appeared to me, the one who came to me today.”


Why does it say both “ran,” and, “hurried”?

Why does it say that she “told him” and “said” to him? What did she tell him?

Why does she refer to this time as an “appearance” and to the previous visit as a “coming” when the verse does the opposite and refers to the first meeting as an appearance and the second as a coming? There is a difference between the two terms. Appears implies all of a sudden, and came, planned, which fits in with the way the verse describes the two meetings.

Did the woman feel that this one was sudden and the first more planned? It would seem logical for her to assume that everything was covered in the first meeting, which was the only one originally planned. Therefore she would refer to the first as coming. Yet, the second meeting which was only in response to Manoach’s prayer, she considered all of a sudden, and appearance, and not essential. But the verse sees it in reverse. Why?

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