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Amidah-Gevurot-Apter Rav

The 5th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apt, the Ohev Yisrael. The Apter told the following story: I chanced to visit once at a village inn, and noticed that the innkeeper owned two boxes for cash; whatever money he received, he divided equally between the two boxes. I was curious as to the meaning of this, and I asked him the reason for his odd action.


The innkeeper replied as follows: Once I lost all my money in an unlucky venture, and was unable to keep my inn. My wife advised me to look for a partner, and I went to the city to do so. Passing through the forest, I suddenly conceived the idea to implore God to enter into partnership with me, and I promise to devote to charity His share. I prayed to God, and suddenly I found some money on the ground. I consider this a sign that my prayer was accepted, and since then I have faithfully observe the oral contract, and I am prospering.

I praised the innkeeper’s simple trust in God, and pronounced a blessing over him. (Niflaot Besht, page 45)

“He sustains life with compassion,” as a Partner Who helps us use life to maximize, Resurrection of the Dead – Eternal Life.

Haggadah: Read “Ha Lachma Anya,” not as our invitation to others, but as God’s invitation to us. (See Proverbs 24:1, with Rashi’s commentary – Know the Host’s level of generosity before You sit at His table)

Spiritual Tool: The Six Steps of Bitachon: Focusing on God as your partner.

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