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General Principles of Prayer 8

From my father zt”l: New Intimacy: We develop intimacy with God when we pray. We are entering a relationship with Him with our prayers and supplications. Prayer is the child appealing to his parent. The parent then responds to the fact that the child is acknowledging a need, and is reaching out to him. This creates a relationship and an intimacy that did not exist before



Closeness Changes Entire Equation

That closeness changes the equation of our lives and relationship with God. Without that intimacy I don’t deserve atonement. However, if I bring an offering, and admit my total dependence, I acknowledge Him as the source of all, I make myself subservient to Him. It is only at that point do I deserve atonement. The service, the act of subservience, changes everything, including what I deserve to have. The same is true of Prayer.


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