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General Principles of Prayer 1

From my Father zt”l: The Reality of Prayer: God Listens: The first principle of prayer is the fact that God listens when we speak to Him. That is what creates the reality of Prayer. If you want something, and you are aware that the only source by which your wants can be fulfilled is the Creator, then, of course, you will pray. If a child wants a toy or a candy, where does he go? He will go to his mother or father and will say, in one way or another, “ give me candy.” He knows that the source of his things is his parents. If you know that the source of the things you have received is only God, you will realize that you must pray. This can only be true if you think that He is listening to you. If you don’t know that God listens, you have no reason to pray. The first principle of prayer is that prayer is a reality; God pays attention to those who address Him.



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