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Four Species Hallel Paragraph Three

“They have mouths but do not speak,
they have eyes but do not see,
they have ears but do not hear,
they have noses but do not smell.
A hand – but do not feel.
Legs – but do not walk.
They do not even groan.
Their makers will become like them, all who trust in them.
Israel: Trust in God! Their Help and Protection!”

We speak of physical objects that cannot be anymore than what they are, even as we hold physical objects that have become so much more by virtue of being used for a Mitzvah. Our relationship with God is real, vibrant, and most importantly, empowering. The relationship allows us to transform the physical into living spiritual realities. The Four Species give voice to God’s praises, and to our being Transformers, empowered to raise the physical into new realities.

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