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Four Species Hallel Paragraph Five

“For You saved my soul from death,
my eyes from tears,
my legs from tripping.“
A person’s feet are responsible for him; they take him to the place he desires. (Sukkah 53a)

“For they planted themselves at Your feet.” Rabbi Yosef taught: This refers to the Torah scholars who are engaged in Torah study and trudge with their feet from one town to another, and from one province to another to study Torah, and they cast off from themselves the yoke of the exiles.
Alternatively,  “For they planted themselves at Your feet,” means that even though they suffer during their travels, they do not leave Your sanctuary, but they receive from Your word abundant reward, though being intensely involved in debating the meaning of the Torah. (Tanchumah: V’zot HaBerachah #5)

We point our Lulav forward during this paragraph “As If” to point the way we want to move forward with our feet in order to achieve eternal life.

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