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Following That Wandering Thought

I was ready to get out the ball and chain and administer some serious self-flagellation. I was in middle of an intense Yom Kippur prayer when my mind wandered to a tiny thought, seemingly, universes away from my private meeting with God.  “If you were really aware that you were speaking to God you’re mind would not have wandered!” The self-beating began.

My back was already hurting, so I decided to use a different approach: I went with the wandering thought. I followed the thought not as a distraction, but as a flashing light; perhaps the distraction was catching my attention for a purpose.

I was right! When I stopped fighting the wandering thought, resenting it, and actually welcomed the distraction, I found an important lesson. The thought was an indicator light of a significant issue that was a barrier to more awareness of God.

The wandering thought was a gift. It pointed me in a positive direction. There was no need for the ball and chain, but a post Yom Kippur l’Chaim.

What a pleasant surprise! Wandering Thoughts as gifts, not failures.

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