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“A twisted thing cannot be made straight; and what is not there cannot be numbered.” (Ecclesiastes 1:15) In this world, he who is crooked can be made straight and he who is wanting can be numbered; but in the World To Come, he who is crooked cannot be made straight, and he who is wanting cannot be numbered. (Kohelet Rabbah 1:15.1) Ours is a world of fixing and repair. The month of Elul, when we begin to prepare for Rosh Hashana, is not only a time of fixing, it is a celebration of the fact that we live in a world of repair. It is our statement that we can fix practically anything. As the Holy Breslaver teaches, “If you have the power to break; you have the power to fix!” Author Info: Learn & discover the Divine prophecies with Rabbi Simcha Weinberg from the holy Torah, Jewish Law, Mysticism, Kabbalah and Jewish Prophecies. The Foundation Stone™ is the ultimate resource for Jews, Judaism, Jewish Education, Jewish Spirituality & the holy Torah.

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