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Hallel: First Day(s) Pesach: Walking with a Flute IV

We can easily imagine that the joy of the song as the people gathered to begin their journey out of Egypt was exponentially greater than the song they sang as they offered the Pesach; it was an indication that their first Hallel actually changed them, and prepared them to rise even higher:


“The Children of Israel carried out the word of Moshe; they requested from the Egyptians silver vessels, gold vessels, and garments. God gave the people favor in the yes of the Egyptians and they granted their request; so they emptied Egypt (Exodus 12:35-36).”  The Egyptians were rushing the people out (See Verse 33), and yet, when the Jews requested gold, silver, and garments, the Egyptians responded with favor. They didn’t just roughly hand it over, but they did it with grace despite their fear and great hurry.  That sense of favor allowed the Jews to feel that they were showered with blessings; tangible and intangible, and allowed them to leave with a song on their lips, confident that more blessings would come:

“God remembered us and will bless – Bless the House of Israel – Bless the House of Aaron – Bless those who are in awe of God, the insignificant with the great.

God will enhance you – you and your children.

You are blessed to God Who made the heavens and the earth.

The heavens are God’s, while the earth has been given to people.

The dead do not praise the Creator of Worlds, nor do those who go down to their doom.

But we – we praise the Creator of Worlds – From now and forever –


This paragraph of this Hallel is our expression of the blessings, tangible and not, that we experienced over the Seder, and our confident declaration that we move on into the future expecting a constant flow of blessing.

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