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First Blessing 7: Blessings:Expansion

Expanding God’s Presence in the World

Every time we acknowledge God’s presence in the world, every time we say the words baruch ata Hashem, God’s Presence literally expands in the world. Just think about the world around us. How much of God is really revealed in the world? How many of us can look at a sunset and still feel God’s Presence? We walk down the streets – it’s so busy and noisy – how many of us are attuned to God’s Presence there? Each time we say a blessing we bring a little more of His Presence into the world.

This is especially appropriate to remember when we begin davening because, as Rabbi Soleveitchik points out that in prophecy it was always God who was initiating conversation with the human being. But in prayer, the human being is initiating the conversation with God, which is a much higher level. It’s one thing if God calls you to speak with God. It’s another for you to call to God, and expect God to listen to you. Even saying the word ata, in that we are speaking directly to God using the second person, is a pretty powerful thing.”

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