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First Blessing 13: Providence Part 2

“Elokainu vei’lokei avoteinu” Continued:

General Providence and Individual Providence:


One of the most devastating things for a human being is to feel that he is not important, not even important to God. “You need to look at me in the whole context of Creation? So that means that You’re not really interested in me! I’m just another human being that is a cog in the broader picture of Creation?” This is very painful. But we take care of this in Pesukei D’zimrah. Look at Psalm 147. “He is the Healer of the broken-hearted, and He swaddles their sorrows.” Picture that in your mind. Isn’t that beautiful? “He counts the number of stars…” What do stars represent? – Those, which are countless. “…But each one has their individual name.” Meaning, each one has its own individual place. “Our Master is great to His understanding without number.” Number, again, means counting. Does it flow? We are speaking how everything interacts almost mathematically. There is a broad calculation of how this one permutation is going to affect all of Creation as a whole. Not only how it exists now, but also in the Infinite perspective of God.


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