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First Blessing 1: Open My Lips

“My Lord, open my lips that my mouth may declare Your praise.”


A statement of humility

We are asking God for the ability to express all that that is inside. It is a statement of humility. It means that I need Your help even to praise You. I am putting myself in God’s hands in order to pray.

It is essential to have a deep sense of humility when we enter this new realm. The words of the prayer can only be uttered because God has given me the ability to speak. Speech is how a human being differs from all the other creations. But it is much more than that. In God opening our lips, there is a certain idea of God’s praises coming out on their own. There should come a point when the words of prayer should just flow. Did you ever experience that in a conversation? – When the words just come to you without thinking about how to express them or how to structure your train of thought? The same can be true with prayer. We are supposed to reach a level at which point we feel the words resonating so deeply inside of us that they simply emanate freely. It does take a bit of preparation.







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