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Festival Prayers-Succot-Psalm 92

“My eyes have seen my vigilant foes; when those who would harm me rise up against me, my ears have heard their doom (Psalms 92:12).” It is the nature of a person to have difficulty receiving review. A mature person may be willing to listen, however, if a wicked person would come to rebuke with out any intention to lead the other to a better path, intending only to aggravate, the other will definitely not pay attention. King David states in this verse, “Even when the wicked come to aggravate me; I am still willing to listen to their words as well intended rebuke (Lev Eliyahu).”


A major theme of the Four Species is that all people, even the wicked, are bound together. Our prayers must be open to all types of people. Our sukkah must be open to everyone, even the wicked. In this verse, King David teaches us that there is an additional way to include everyone, to bind us all together; we must be open to hearing the words of rebuke even when offered by someone we consider wicked.

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