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Festival Prayers: Sha’ar HaRachamim: Ata Vichartanu

“You have chosen us from all the peoples; You loved us and found favor in us; You exalted us above all the languages and You sanctified us with Your commandments. You drew us close, our King, to Your service and proclaimed Your great and Holy Name upon us.”


“You loved us and found favor in us,” Your love for us is different then our love for You. We love You because of all the good that you do for us, however, His love for us is not because of what we do for Him, and not because we are similar as a child is to a father, but an eternal love that is an expression of the purpose of creation.

“You have chosen us from all the peoples,” referring to the generation of the Tower of Babel.

“You loved us,” during the time of the patriarchs when You made it clear that Your love for us is beyond explanation, as the verse says, “Is not Esau a brother to Jacob? And you loved Jacob (Malachi 1:2).”

“You exalted us,” with all the miracles You performed in Egypt.

“You sanctified us with Your Commandments,” specifically the Commandments of circumcision and the Pesach Offering. (Sha’ar HaRachamim/Maggid Tzedek)

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