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Father and Child: As a Vine

“And its support which Your right hand has planted and the son whom You strengthened for Yourself (Psalms 80:16).” The Malbim explains that as the vine grows and spreads, it is necessary to prop it up with a more elaborate structure, Binyan, related to Ben, or son.


This verse describes the son as receiving the support of a structure from God. The judgment of Rosh Hashanah reflects a structure or system of right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark. This verse describes the structure as God’s way of supporting His children so that they can continue to grow and flourish.

We approach God on Rosh Hashanah as His children; “im ki-vanim,” acknowledging the structure He provides for us through His Judgment, allowing us to grow and live, with sufficient support to be able to make mistakes without forfeiting our Father’s love.

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