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Eshet Chayil – Raising Greatness

“Luxurious bedspreads she made herself, linen and purple wool are her clothing.”
Unless the verse means that the clothing make the woman, we have to wonder which quality is described in this verse.

“This refers to Sarah, whose children became Kohanim Gedolim (High Priests) and served in garments of linen and purple wool.” (Tanchuma, Chayei Sarah #4)

“This refers to Samson’s mother, who would weave and sell her work in the marketplace to support her son so he could sit and study Torah.” (Batei Midrashot 2)

“This refers to Batsheba, who merited that her son, Solomon would ascend to the throne dressed in linen and purple wool, and ruled the earth from one end to the other.” (Midrash Mishlei)

All the Midrashim understand this verse as describing a woman who raises her children for greatness. Maimonides speaks of the Kavanah (intention) we must have when we bring children in the world, as believing that this child will change the world.

The Woman of Valor is not the woman who believes and brags that her children are the best in the world. She is focused on nurturing the great and specific potential of each member of her household. She cares for the seeds of expansion in her husband and children. She is determined to raise greatness.

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