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Eshet Chayil – A Complete Person

“Many daughters have amassed achievement, but you surpassed them all.”
My daughter wanted a specific dress, but it was far too short. “Don’t worry,” she assured me, “Mommy can fix it.” I suggested that even Mommy can’t make a dress grow, but she insisted, “Mommy can do anything!”

My children are convinced that their mother can do absolutely anything. They have seen her successfully tackle one insurmountable problem after another. They do not need proof that she possesses the specific skill necessary for a particular task. They know that she will succeed at whatever she does.

The Woman of Valor projects that sense of surpassing anything and anyone. She is a woman without limitation. She incorporates everything she learns. She lives all that she believes. She has confidence and courage, determination and destiny. She is a Whole and Complete person, a paradigm of a person striving to master herself and attach to the Creator.

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