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Spiritual Tools: Elul: The King Knows

“If an opportunity to perform a Mitzvah occurs, and the person knows how to direct his intention; he is fortunate. However, even if he does not know how to direct his intention for the specific Mitzvah, but intends only to fulfill the will of the King, Who surely knows how the Mitzvah should be directed, he merits to give the King the pleasure that His subjects obey His Will (Zohar II, 93a).”


In Elul we begin to prepare to receive God as King on Rosh Hashanah. We should focus our attention to each Mitzvah as our acknowledgement of God as King.

The Chafetz Chaim (Nidchei Yisreal) urges us to recite the Shema with the following Kavanah: “You are the King, and have asked me to recite these words; it is my privilege to obey the King’s command.”

We should be able to grow during Elul into the sense of privilege that comes from serving the King.

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