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Elul: Ripple Effect

“And God will circumcise your hears, and the hearts of your children, to love God, your Lord, with all your hearts and with all your souls, so that you may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:6)

The first letter of each the Hebrew words “Your hearts and the hearts of your children” spell Elul.

The Holy Shinover teaches that a person’s sins affect not only himself, but his children as well. We damage our environment when we make destructive choices. In the same vein, when a person wants to return to Hashem, God will remove the taint of sin from the person and all those affected by the sin. (Divrei Yechezkail)

We often wonder how we can repair the damage of our destructive choices when we do Teshuva. The Shinover explains that the gift of Elul is that Hashem responds to our reaching out to Him by also repairing the wider effects of our sins.

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