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Elokai, Neshama: The Times Yet To Come

We are thankful for the pure soul God created for us and blew into us. We try to envision how wholesome and unlimited our soul was before it was imprisoned

in our body, before we had a chance to taint it and restrict it.  Then, we thank God for safeguarding it within us; we understand that the second our Neshama leaves us, we will die.

But the “mesham’ra bekirbi”- the guarding, is more than just keeping us alive. It is a promise for the future. Even as we wake up and receive our soul again each morning, we are aware that one day, this soul will reattach to its Source. And it will be empowered by what we have accomplished in this world.

Just as Jacob “shamar et hadavar”- “kept that moment in mind” (see Shabbat Prayers: Guarding the Moment), so do we look forward to a time when our soul will be able to express itself to its fullest potential.
“VeAta Atid lit’la mimeini ul’hachazira bi l’atid lavoh”, You will eventually take it from me and restore it in Times to Come.

But for now, we praise You for the “m’shamra”, for giving us an opportunity at this moment to strive and reach for our purpose when our soul still inhabits our body, all the while dreaming of a time when it will soar and transform us.

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