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Elokai Neshama: Tools 1

The Majesty of Our Souls: The creation story includes four types of creation; God Created, God formed, God made, and God “blew” the spirit of life into the first human. All four levels of creation are included in this prayer, each corresponding to a different level of our Higher Soul. We recognize the complexity of our souls; 1) the “Nefesh,” basic life force, which is “housed” in our liver, 2) the “Ruach,” or Spirit, which resides in our heart, 3) “Neshama,” Soul which is partly contained in our brain while the higher part lives as an aura which cannot be contained in a physical body, 4) “Chaya,” Being, which surrounds the Neshama. There is a fifth level “Yechida,” the Soul unified with its Source, which is beyond the scope of this discussion.



We develop our souls from the lowest level and up. After we have succeeded in fully accessing the part of the Neshama contained in the brain, we can access the highest parts of the souls, which rise far above our physical existence.


Our souls are truly majestic. We can use the soul to achieve the unimaginable. We begin by celebrating the power of the soul and the stages of our development it empowers.T


Tool Box #6


The levels of our soul are represented by the levels of Creation.

We can only truly understand our souls when we recognize the complexity of Creation.


We can develop our souls from one level to another.

Life is a challenge to access increasingly higher levels of our souls.


Our souls can help us achieve things beyond our imagination.

The soul is our connection to the Source of Existence.

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