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Eishet Chayil: Teachers

“And Torah of Chesed- loving kindness- is on her tongue”. The Yalkut Shimoni differentiates between Torah of Chesed and Torah that is not Chesed. One of the explanations offered is that Torat Chesed is “to learn and to teach”, as we say in the blessing preceding the Shema, whereas Torah that is not Chesed is just for the sake of learning itself.

For it to be Chesed, or expansive, Torah study needs to flow towards others, needs to reach others, needs to be shared.

The Eshet Chayil, as a wife and mother, defines herself as a teacher, as one who ensures that her household breathes Torah.

The Eshet Chayil, as Israel, is a nation of teachers, where generation after generation, the connection between the People, the Torah and God remains strong.

“Her children arise and laud her, her husband (arises) and praises her”. Rashi comments; ‘her children’ symbolizes her students, and ‘her husband’ means The Holy One Blessed Is He.

First, her students recognize her wonderful virtues and express their appreciation for the impact her teachings have made on them.

Then, God stands up and praises her “vay’ehalela”- from the word Hallel.

When God sees Israel, His woman of valor, living Torah expansively and teaching it with passion, He actually sings Hallel in her honor!

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