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Eishet Chayil: Love of Torah

Eishet Chayil is a love song to Torah: The verse cries out, “Who can find the woman of valor?” meaning, “Who can begin to understand and appreciate the depths of Torah, our bride and spouse, so connected to our souls. “Her husbands heart trusts in her,” a person who studies Torah with diligence, constancy and consistency, will complete his attachment to her, and can trust that she will advocate for him before God. “He shall lack no fortune – shalal,” although usually at the end of a battle, the victorious army will take ‘shalal’ – spoils, and will have difficulty sharing them because they are limited, in the battle of Torah, each gains from the other, without limitation. Each of us has our unique portion in Torah, which is eternally ours. (Shem Olam)

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