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Eishet Chayil: God’s Largess

The word ‘Mamtir’ in “Here I will make it (Manna) rain from heaven,” is similar to Mishmeret, the attribute of Mercy, which is the recipient (pathway from above to below) of largess from heaven. The word ‘Materet’ – as in Targum – is reminiscent of Mattatron, the angel in charge of running the universe on behalf of God. Concerning this attribute, King Solomon wrote in Proverbs: “She (The Attribute of Mercy) rises when it is still night and supplies provisions for her household and statutes for her maidservants. (Rabbeinu Bachya – Beshalach 16:4)

According to Rabbeinu Bachya the Eishet Chayil is a song about God’s interaction with the world. We sing the Eishet Chayil at the Shabbat table, when God completed His ‘work.’

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