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Eishet Chayil: Garments of Splendor

“Her husband is well known at the gates”. The Metzudot David explains: it is because of the beautiful garments she has fashioned for her husband that he is well known and recognized among his friends when he takes part in the councils of distinguished men.
The Yalkut Shimoni, regarding this verse in Proverbs describes how in the future, The Holy One Blessed Is He, will head His own gathering of elders. They will point at Him with their finger –as it were-, and exclaim: “for this is the Lord, our Lord forever and ever” (Psalms: 48,15).

Just as the husband is made notorious by the exquisite clothing his wife has sewn for him, so too God, so to speak, is beautified and distinguished by the garments the people of Israel have woven to glorify Him.
This is the meaning of “May He be glorified through us forever and ever, and may He be made splendid through us for all eternity” (Grace after Meals).
We must realize that we have the power, through our own choices and actions and through Mitsvot performed out of love, to fashion garments that will beautify God, to the extent where everyone will be able to point at Him and call out: “this is the God of Israel!”
When we recite this verse on Friday night, we are rejoicing in the ability God gave us to make Him more majestic. The Shabbat in itself affords us the opportunity to add jewels to the King’s crown. We look forward to the day when the whole world will know Him and admire the clothes that His “wife”, Israel, has lovingly clothed Him in.

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