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Eichah & Tisha B'Av Part Three (2000)

Last year, my father died, and of course it was devastating. But then, there were positive things that came out of it. While a parent is alive, it’s much easier to feel like a kid. But when a parent dies, especially one whom one relies on very much, I and my siblings began to feel much more like adults. We started to take responsibility for things none of us wanted to do so before. It was a terrible passage, but within it, we were rising to a new level where something good could come out of it. The worst thing to do however, when coming into that kind of advantage, is to stagger.

We had this situation in Jerusalem with the First Temple; Jeremiah was going around telling everybody, “You guys are in big trouble. There’s going to be an invasion, the ten tribes will be exiled, and then the Temple itself will be destroyed. You have to change.” People knew there was instability, that there threat of war from Egypt, Babylon, Sancheriv, and the Assyrians. The people didn’t want to hear it. Rabbi ________ wrote it up in the daily newspaper, but they burnt it. So Jeremiah took Eicha and rewrote it. He added the third chapter. The third chapter was added for people who are staggering. They want to protect the status quo, even it is miserable. And because they are tense, they are not able to take advantage of passage.

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