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Echoes I

I hear echoes;:
“And these are the laws that you shall place before them.”
“This is the Torah that Moses placed before the Children of Israel.”

Place before. It does not say to give, but to place something in front of them.
Rashi explains that Moses was commanded to present the laws to his nation in the same way that a caterer will prepare an attractive table for guests. Moses was commanded that he should not teach only laws, but he must present the laws in an attractive manner. He had to make the laws accessible and meaningful.

Imagine: the Torah is in the middle of the most important story within its pages; the Revelation; in which God teaches Israel about Himself. In the middle of the story, God paused, and told Moses that he had to become the teacher extraordinare, the paradigm of a rebbi. Moses had to learn how to present each and every law that he was given in an attractive manner.

I wonder; how did Moshe teach the laws he had given over until now?
Was it possible for Moshe to, not simply teach, but to place the laws in front of the people before Revelation?

I don’t think so. Moshe was being instructed to teach all laws from now on as a continuation of Sinai, as an expansion of the Revelation of God.

That is exactly how we must study the Torah and its laws: Each law is a spreading out of the light of Revelation.

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