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Morning Blessings: Divrei Binah: All My Needs

The 23rd of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yitzchak Yaakov (ben Nosson Dovid) Rabinowitz of Biala (Divrei Bina) (1905).
A direct descendent of the Yehudi Hakadosh of Peshis’cha.

“Who has provided me my every need.”
This blessing is based on the dictum, “A person must say; ‘The world was created for my sake.’”  In truth, everything that was created for a person to eat is part of his “Tikkun,” the perfection of his soul, and the Tikkun of the food. This is why the Talmud (JT Kiddushin) teaches that, “We will be judged for each thing we could have enjoyed that we did not.” Even living things that are devoured by other animals have, when eaten, their Tikkun. (Divrei Binah – Vayikra)

“My every need,” physical and spiritual: We acknowledge that God has provided us with all necessary Tikkunim, even in what we eat. We commit ourselves to taking full advantage of all we do during the day as an opportunity for Tikkun.

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