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Divine Providence

The Talmud in Avodah Zarah 2a teaches that, “All the nations of the world will gather before God on the Day of Judgment in a large and mixed crowd. God will instruct them to organize themselves by individual nations so that each may be judged on its own.”

God will not be bothered by the confusion. He makes a statement when He instructs the nations to step out of the confusing mix of nations and stand before Him in an organized fashion.

Many have long argued against the idea of Individual Divine Providence. The great Almighty God does not bother Himself will small details, but only with the large picture. They appear before God as a whole, a large mixture, because they refuse to believe that the individual nations, certainly individual people are not the concern of Divine Providence.

God will instruct all those who have so argued to organize themselves as individual nations. I am involved with individual nations, says God. I am involved in what you call the details.

Nowhere is this more clearly stated than by the Mitzvah of the Half-Shekel, each individual is counted. God pays attention to each of us. Rich or poor, strong or weak, contribute the same amount, because each stands alone at the center of God’s attention, involvement and Providence.

This was the gift of the Half-Shekel: Each of us matters to Almighty God.

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