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Did You Really Get It?

“They awoke early in the morning and ascended toward the mountaintop saying, ‘We are ready, and we shall ascend to the place of which God has spoken, for we have sinned.” (Numbers 14:40)

These people realized that they had sinned against God. They understood that they had allowed their fears to overwhelm them and they announced that they were ready to move ahead and fight with courage to enter the Land of Israel. Isn’t that what God wanted?

The process of conquering the Land of Canaan was to be a lesson in balancing human effort and relying on Divine help. These people announced their readiness to move ahead.

Where was their mistake?

“For we have sinned,” was their mistake. They did not say, “For we have learned our lesson.” They did not say, “We are ready to assume our responsibilities.” They simply wanted to repair a mistake.

How often do we realize that we have made a mistake and focus on repairing the error, rather than applying the lesson learned?

We make a mistake when we think of Teshuva as fixing our mistakes, rather than repairing our relationship with God. No wonder Moshe said, “It will not succeed!”

Success does not come from focusing on fixing mistakes, but from applying the lessons.

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