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Midot Hayom 5770 Day 47: Hod in Malchut

David said, “ If a precept which I lack the ability to fulfill comes my way, support me and I shall be saved” (Psalms 119:49).
David was a great

artisan [of prayer]. When he made a request of the Holy One, Blessed is He, he would sing it. He would present the minor requests first, then the major ones (Aggadat Bereishit ch. 6).

King David, the man of Malchut, well understood that even he, as King, could not begin to approach the fulfillment of all the Mitzvot of the Torah without God’s help. He perceived that God’s Malchut was so connected to all of creation, that he could call on God to help him fulfill every Mitzvah that came his way.

He made sure that each of his prayers reflected the magnificence of God’s Malchut. Everything a King does, must reflect the presence of Malchut. Even David’s prayers were artistic, gifts fit for the King of Kings.

Hod in Malchut asks that everything we do be an expression of the fact that God is the ultimate King. Our Tefillot must reflect God’s Malchut, not our needs. Our Mitzvot must be an expression of God as King. All our actions must have the dignity of one representing the king.


  1. Prepare your prayers as gifts fit for the King.
  2. Consider ways to perform a Mitzvah with greater dignity.
  3. Be extra careful today to reflect on your role as a servant of the King of Kings.


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