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Countdown to Pesach 9 -The Matzah Rush

The Belzer said: When describing a journey, it is the custom of the Bible to state that the person it mentions “went” to his place of destination. But in the case of Jethro, nothing is said of his going. This statement is that he heard and he came to Moshe.


The reason for this is that Jethro made no plans for his journey, but as soon as he heard of the Exodus, he immediately took the road to travel to Moshe. Had he paused to deliberate, he might have hesitated to journey through the desert with his daughter and grandchildren, and he might not have joined the people of Israel in accepting God’s teachings.

Herein lies a lesson. When we have an opportunity to join a good and holy cause, we should do so without deliberating upon its merits and disadvantages. Otherwise we may never participate in it. (Dover Shalom, page 108)

iPray-Morning Blessings-Mah Tovu: Rush to the synagogue to pray.

iPray-iAttach-Amidah: Try rushing your three steps forward into the Amidah, as if you were rushing to an opportunity.

Haggadah: Matzah: It is because the Sovereign of sovereigns, the Holy One, Blessed is He, revealed Himself to our ancestors and redeemed them before their dough had time to ferment.


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