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Countdown to Pesach 6-Apelier Rebbe

The Apelier Rebbe commented on, “Let the heart of them rejoice, who seek God (I Chronicles 16:10).” When someone seeks a certain object, he feels no gladness in his heart until his quest is successful. But when a person seeks God, the very act of seeking Him rejoices the heart of the seeker. (Siach Sarfei Kodesh, Volume V, 48)


iGrow-Spiritual Tools: We can use the search for Chametz as our way of seeking to cleanse ourselves of anything that will prevent us from finding, and connecting to, God.

Haggadah: Use this idea of Seeking God when searching for the hidden Afikoman; point out to those searching that the search itself can be fun and rewarding.

iPray-iPraise-Pesukei d’Zimrah-Hodu: “Search out God and His might, seeking His Presence always.”

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