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Countdown to Pesach 5-Mitzvot As Instruments

The wise son says, “What are the statutes?” By this he means to say, “since the Children of Israel were redeemed without any effort on their part to merit their liberation, why are we today required to exert such strenuous efforts to merit the acquisition of further blessings?”


The answer is as follows, “God saw fit to liberate the Children of Israel from bondage in Egypt, though they were lacking in merit, because they were too deeply immersed in the mire of impurity to make it impossible for them to acquire merit. Later, however, God restored the necessity of labor by human beings seeking their reward. The statutes of the Torah are the instruments by which God’s blessings descend upon us (Imrot Tehorot, page 41).”

Spiritual Tools: Use all the mitzvot involved in the preparation for Pesach as the instruments by which we earn God’s blessings, and with gratitude  that we have been granted the opportunity to earn those blessings.

iPray-iAttach-Amidah-Sustenance: Thank You for the opportunity to earn Your blessings. We commit ourselves to perform your mitzvot as instruments to merit Your less things.

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