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Countdown to Pesach-28-Chemdah Genuzah

The Premishlaner said concerning the verse, “And I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob (Exodus 6:3),” which Rashi explains, “And I appeared to the Patriarchs,” what is Rashi adding?


It is customary for one whose father was a man of holiness, to be lax in his efforts to improve his own service of God, as he depends on the greatness of his father. This is even more so when his grandfather too was a man of saintliness. It is tempting to satisfy himself with being the son and grandson of saintly people. 

This was not the case with Isaac and Jacob. They labored hard at self-improvement, and paid no heed to their parents’ fame. They desired to be great patriarchs in their own right.

This is the meaning of Rashi’s comment: They were all Partriarchs, and no one of them received his fame by reason of his parents (Chemdah Genuzah, Page 7)

Amidah: Avot-Patriarchs:

We achieve freedom by seeking our own greatness. Reflect on your dreams for spiritual achievements in this, the third step, in preparing for Pesach.


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