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Countdown to Pesach 18-Gerer Rebbe

The Gerer Rebbe said: We read in the verse, “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on the wings of the eagles (Exodus 19:4).” Rashi explains, “the Eagle carries his offspring above his wings, as if to say, ‘ if an arrow be shot in my direction, let it enter into me, and not into my son.’”


This, however, does not explain the use of the simile or the connection between an eagle and God.

It may be explained as follows: The Attribute of Justice complained to the Heavenly Tribunal that the Children of Israel did not merit deliverance at the expense of the Egyptians, both being as yet pagans.

God responded, “I have lifted Israel above the wings of strict justice. If you question My act, direct your arrows at Me, not at my children.” (Siach Sarfei Kodesh, II, page 38)

iPray-iAttach-Amidah: Geulah-Redemption: “Behold, please, our affliction, take up our grievance, and redeem us with a complete redemption speedily for Your Name’s sake, for You are the Power, the powerful Redeemer.”

We plead for a redemption ‘on the wings of eagles,’ not because we merit redemption, but, as in Egypt, because of our suffering.

As we prepare for Pesach, we turn to God, Who will lift us above the wings of strict justice. This period of redemption allows us to access God’s mercies even when we are undeserving.

Haggadah: “From the start, our ancestors were idol worshippers, but now the Omnipresent has brought us close to His service.” God redeems us even when we are undeserving.

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