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Countdown to Pesach 17-Reb Bunim

Rabbi Bunam said: Manna still comes down daily in quantities sufficient for the minimum needs of each person. In the desert it came to a person without toil; today, however, it is distributed to each one of us through our physical or mental labor. (Siach Sarfei Kodesh, II, page 83)


The Manna was an essential component of the process of becoming free; Torah is considered the ultimate freedom and the Torah could only be given to people who were eating Manna.

iGrow-Spiritual Tools: Each time you recite a blessing over food have in mind that the food is part of your Manna of the day.

Keep in mind when benching; The first blessing of Benching was composed by Moshe as the blessing after eating Manna. Recite this blessing with awareness that your meal was part of your daily portion of Manna.

iPray-iAttach-Amidah: The 9th blessing, Sustenance: Acknowledge the Manna you have received in response to your efforts and labor and request more Manna received with less labor.

Haggadah: Dayeinu- You fed us the Manna

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