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Countdown to Pesach 14-Reb Bunim

Rabbi Bunam said, “We eat the Seder meal in the following order: the matzah first and the Maror next, though it would seem the reverse order is proper, since we first suffered and later were freed. The reason for this, however, is that as long as there was no prospect of being redeemed, the Children of Israel did not feel keenly the bitterness of their lot. But as soon as Moshe spoke to them of freedom, they awoke to the bitterness of their slavery.” (Siach Sarfei Kodesh, I, 53)


My father zt”l would always insist that I list three good things in my life before he would listen to a complaint about a bad experience, and, three of my good qualities before he would listen to me describe my frustration with one of my poor qualities: Taste the good-freedom-Matzah before addressing the bad-bitter-Maror.

iPray-iLove-Blessings of Shema: The Amidah must immediately follow the mention of God’s redemption of Israel: We have to connect with the promise of blessing and redemption before we are fully aware of the painful issues we must address in our prayer.

Haggadah-Ma Nishtana: Why do we do contradictory things, focusing on the suffering and slavery and on freedom?


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